December 5, 2023

Cape Cod Hunter Horse Shows

Dear Past Exhibitors, Trainers and Friends,

First I would like to thank you all for the many years of support of Cape Cod Hunter horse shows. As many of you have inquired about the status of the shows for this year I feel there is a need to let you all know what has transpired over the past few months.

During the winter we were notified that our host venue would not be available for our shows in 2022. This did put us in a difficult position, trying to relocate in a short time frame. As of now we have not found a location that would meet all our horse show needs. We have tried to come up with a suitable plan for the balance of 2022 while still offering our finals on September 3rd at Next Venture Farm in Medway Massachusetts and hosting our annual awards banquet in November.

We have coordinated with Fieldstone Show Park to have a select number of their equitation, hunter and jumper classes and divisions count toward the Cape Cod Hunter end of the year awards. We will list these classes and divisions on our web site and Fieldstone will also have them posted on their site as well. There will also be fliers at the Fieldstone Horse show office. The results, points, will be as the same as in previous years following the NEHC point value chart.

Please visit our web site for more specific information
As a reminder there is no membership required to be eligible for our year end awards.

A Special Thank You to Fieldstone Show Park, Scott Clawson & Tom Hern.

Thank you again for your support and I will update any news regarding Cape Cod Hunter horse shows as they develop.

Thank you,
Nancy Venezia


Fieldstone Spring II  May 18 – 22

Plymouth Rock I      June 22 – 26

Cape Cod Hunter    August 13th     TBA

Cape Cod Hunter Finals   September 3

The following classes and divisions at Fieldstone Show Park will count toward our Cape Cod Hunter
The descriptions and schedule are available on the Fieldstone Show Park web site.


Classes NEHC/MHC Rating for CCHHS points
Lead-Line Equitation   1,2,Ch,13
Walk Trot Equitation & Pleasure  3,,4,Ch,5,6,Ch     “AA”
Oppt Hunter Type Pet Pony 7,8 Ch “AA”
English Pleasure Hunter Seat 9,10,11
Oppt Short Stirrup Equitation 16,17,18,Flat “AA”
Oppt Short Stirrup Hunter   19,20Stake, 21 U/S “AA”
Oppt Pre-Adult Hunter 23,24,25 U/S
Oppt Pre-Childrens Hunter 26,27,Stake 28 U/S “AA”
Oppt Pre-Child/Adult Equitation 29,30,31,   “AA”
Child/Adult Special Hunter 42,43,44 U/S
Schooling Pony Hunter 137,138,139,140 This Division will count toward the North East Pony Award 
Sm/Med,Lg Ponies 155 thru 173     “AA”
Children’s Hunter Pony  S/M/L 92,93,94,95,96,U/S “AA”
Children’s Hunter Horse 105,106,107,108,109 U/S “AA”
Modified Adult Hunter
105,106,107,108,109 U/S “AA”
Adult Hunter 18-35 & over 35 124  thru 134 U/S “AA”


Equitation 11 & U 416,417,418 “AA”
Equitation 12-14 455,456,457,458 “AA”
Equitation 15-17 460,461,462 “AA”
Children’s Equitation Pony S/M/L 408,409,410 “AA”
Children’s Equitation Horse 425,426,427 “AA”
Modified Adult Equitation 431,432 & 433 “AA”
Adult Equitation 18-35 494,495,496 & 497 “AA”
Adult Equitation 36+ 498,499,500 & 501 “AA”


.90 Jumper 315,526 These classes will count for the Hopefully Jumper Division
1.00 Jumper 324,325 These class will count for the Trainer Jumper Division
Children’s/Adult Jumpers 1.00 366,367,368