September 22, 2023

Rules & Regulations

  1. Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current USEF  rule book will be conducted and judged in accordance therewith.
  2. The Committee reserves the right to vary or change show officials or judges. To decline any entry  and cancel, divide or combine classes if there are less than four entries.
  3. Any horse entered and not exhibited shall forfeit fees, unless the committee is presented with a  veterinary certificate or in equitation only, a physician’s certificate in the case of the rider. There  will be a charge of $25.00 per entry.
  4. The committee reserves the right not to delay classes due to conflicts and not allow substitutions of  classes or horses.
  5. No exhibitor or person shall approach a judge as to a decision or other matters unless they first  obtain permission from the Show Steward. Any exhibitor or person disregarding this rule may be  asked to cancel all entries and forfeit entry fees. Judges’ decisions are final.
  6. Please remember to bring your pony and junior hunter measurement cards and amateur certifica tion. Numbers will not be issued without them.
  7. ENTRIES may be faxed to 508-530-3263 until 5:00pm the Friday before the show. After  5:00pm entries will be considered Post Entries. Post entries will be accepted the day of the  show, however, there will be a onetime post entry fee of $25.00. No penalty fee will be  charged for entering additional classes on the day of the show.  
  8. USEF Fee $23.00 per horse will be paid for each horse entered and every trainer must affix his  signature to the entry blank attesting to his compliance with the USEF drug and medication rule.  There will be a $2.00 per horse USHJA Fee.
  9. Prize money will be deducted from your horse show bill at the Secretary’s office.
  10. Schooling will be permitted in authorized areas only. Anyone found violating these rules shall  forfeit all entry fees and not be allowed to show.
  11. Course and jumping orders will be posted at the gate all day.
  12. A trophy and eight ribbons will be awarded in all classes unless otherwise specified.
  13. All horses entered in stake or championship classes must show in one other class in the same  division.
  14. All dogs must be leashed at all times.
  15. The championship and reserve shall be awarded to two of the four horses which have acquired the  most points performing over fences in conformation and working classes; only those horses shall  receive points for ribbons won in under saddle classes. Champion and reserve in all performance  divisions. Points: 10-6-4-2-1-1/2.
  16. An insurance fee of $5.00 will be charged to all exhibitors competing.
  17. All juniors in hunter, jumper, and hunter seat equitation sections cannot ride anywhere on the  show grounds without wearing protective headgear passing testing standards. Harnesses must be  secured and if said headgear has a brim, it must be flexible or semi-flexible. Any rider violating  this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited from further riding until his headgear is  properly in place.
  18. Checks returned for any reason will be subject to a $50.00 fine.  
  19. Entries not paid the day of the show will be subject to a $100.00 fine.
  20. An open check written to CCHHS will be needed to pick up exhibitor number.
  21. Minors who do not have a valid driver’s license which allows them to operate a motorized vehicle  in the state in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind,  including, but not limited to, golf cards, motorcycles, scooter, or farm utility vehicles, on the  competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may  operate the above described motorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by an adult with  a valid driver’s license. The parent(s), legeal guardian(s), or individual who signs the entry  plans as a parent or guardian of a minor operating a motorized vehicle in violation of this rule  are solely responsible for any damages, claims, losses or actions resulting from that operation.  Violations of this rule will be cause for sanctions against the parent(s), guardian(s) and/or trainer (s) who are responsible for the child committing the offense. Penalties may include exclusion of  the child, parent(s), guardian(s), and/or trainer(s) from the competitions grounds for the remainder  of the competition and charges being filed against any of the above individuals in accordance with  Chapter 6. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are  exempt from this rule.